Our Pastor

Having been led as we believe by the  Spirit of God; realizing the need of a church in the community and that  we are living in an age when it is easy to forgot righteousness, truth,  mercy, peace, justice and love . . . the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist  Church was born.  We organized and united our forces, both spiritual and  naturally for the purpose of doing Christian Mission work and to foster  the ideals of Christian education among ourselves, our community and in  the world.  Our Church has stood because of her firm foundation of  faith in Biblical Truth.  Growth, change and challenge are blessings  which God has bestowed on Zion.  Mount Zion is a Church that gathers to  worship and exalt the savior, equip the saints for the work of ministry  and scatters to evangelize as lights in the world!  Pastor Edward Lightfoot’s philosophy  of Pastoral Ministry states that the Holy Bible guides his source of truth and doctrine. His philosophy of ministry is to love  God with all his heart and soul and be obedient to all His ways, to  love his family whom God has blessed him with, to serve the Church of  Jesus Christ for this present age, to shepherd and protect the flock, and to serve and seek that which is lost according to His divine purpose. As  Pastor E. V. Lightfoot traveled during military service, he continued to  serve the Church of Jesus Christ wherever stationed. He joined Marlboro  Heights Baptist Church in Killeen, Texas. In Wurzburg, Germany he  served under Chaplain Harvey where he taught Sunday School and sang in  the Choir.

Pastor Edward Lightfoot has a Bachelors of Science  from the College of Biblical Studies and working towards a Masters of  Divinity at Southwest Theology Seminary, Houston, Texas. He also has a  Certificate of Ordination and a Certificate of Minister’s License. He  previously worked at the United States Postal Service as a U. S. Letter  Carrier and served in the United States Army with Honorable Discharge.

Our Pastor is the eldest Son of the Late Dr. James E. Lightfoot and Sis.  Velma Lightfoot. He is married to Dr. Carolyn Lightfoot, one son, John E. Lightfoot, daughter-in-law, Maria C. Lightfoot and three  grandchildren: James Lightfoot II, Maricel Lightfoot and Elijah Lightfoot.